John Molinari Accordion Concert Vol. 4
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Molinari & Veikko ACD 235

John Molinari : Veikko Ahvenainen
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1. Marriage of Figaro Overture - Mozart
2. Waltz in Em - Chopin
3. Dance of the Hours - Ponchielli
4. Italian Medley
5. Canadian Capers
6. Fagerlahden Hambo
7. Finnish Polka Medley
8. The Cuckoo - Daquin
9. My Sweetheart
10. Kenonen's Polka
11. The Nightingale
12. Sakkijarvi Polka
13. Waltz from Faust - Gounod
14. Finlandia Sibelius
15. Preludio - Adamo Volpi
16. Presto - Galuppi
17. Toccata in Dm - Bach
18. Dance of the Comedians - Smetana
19. Paganini: La Campanella
20. Liebestraum - Liszt
21. Hungarian Fantasy - Godzinsky
22. Manuel de Falla: Ritual Fire Dance
23. Katchaturian: Sabre Dance
24. Aquarelli Cubani - >Fancelli
25. :March of the Dwarves - Grieg
26. Rimsky-Korsakov: Flight of the Bumblebee
27. Midsummer Night Waltz - Merikanto
28. Finnish Polka Medley
29. Finnish Folk Dance
30. Accordion Boogie - Magnante

Total time: 93:32



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